Welcome to Peterson Farm

“At a sale made in the City of Vermillion, in the County of Clay, State of South Dakota, on the 25th day of March A.D. 1891, of School Lands in the County of Clay in pursuance of law”, Charles Johan Peterson of Komstad purchased two, forty-acre tracts of land for the sum of $640 each. And thus began the Peterson farm.

Charles was born in Sioux City, Iowa, on January 23, 1870. He moved with his parents, Lars and Ingeborg (Hanson) Peterson, at the age of nine, to the farm site one half mile west of the current Peterson farm. This property was homesteaded by Lars on May 24, 1879.

A marriage on June 12, 1901, united Charlie to Beda Josephine Shoberg. The couple moved into their new home shortly thereafter. Three children were born to the couple, the youngest of whom was  Earle, born March 15, 1906.  He continued the farming operation after Charlie's passing. Earle's grandson, Alex, currently lives in the original farm house.

The cottage on the farm, now referred to as “Kate's Cottage” was built in the early 1930's. It fell into disrepair over the years, not having been lived in since the mid 1950's. Gale purchased the acreage from her sister in 2010, with the goal of a slow, but steady, restoration of the cottage as well as other farm buildings that weren't 'too far gone'.  It is our hope that by making Kate's Cottage available for vacation rental beginning in 2016, we will raise the funds needed to restore and maintain the farm site.

The original 80-acre tract, as well as an addition 80 acres purchased at a later time, are still in the Peterson family. The farm will celebrate its 125th birthday in June of 2016.

We hope you enjoy your time here! For questions about our restoration projects, please contact Gale at galeagors [at] gmail dot com.

Gaylan and Gale Peterson Gors, Kate Monson and Alex Monson